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    I am a student from Xinhua High School in Chongqing创新作文,China. Informed that you have a vacancy for a student to serve as the spokesman for animals, I cannot resist my inner excitement,hoping to seize the opportunity to do something for animals .

    In my mind,nothing can delight me so much as caring for animals. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I usually keep in mind that animals are angels from the heaven, which bring us endless comfort and pleasure. I have been a panda lover since my childhood. Panda is so lovely that brings fun to people and they are regarded as the treasure of our country. Unfortunately,such a rare species is now faced with the danger of being extinct。What I am eager to do is to raise people’s awareness of animal protection and appeal to more people to care for our earth companies.


    Animals have a lot of beneficial to people, such as a dragonfly, frogs, and so on.

    Let's say a dragonfly, it is a beneficial insects, it can be more benefits to people. It lives in a small pond and catch insects. Some people, catch dragonflies, catching dragonflies, caught after sold everywhere. We should give us a protection law for the dragonfly, if they dare to catch dragonflies, catching dragonflies, is just that, to the police.

    The frog is not exceptional also, it is also catch insect expert, however, it lives in the pool near the crops, sometimes, it is also to the ground, next to catch insects, people call it a good helper to protect the crops. Some children, next to the pool, catch frogs, back home, eat frogs. We should be in the pool a tree brand, with "protect the frog, everyone duty", someone so as not to catch frogs.

    If it were not for the beneficial animals, insects would increase. In this way, even the spirit of pesticides and pest control. We should to protect animals together.


    There are more and more endangered animals at present,so how to protect them has been our task of top priority . It's wrong for people to hunt animals for their meat and feather,for they are our good friends.We should protect them instead of killing them.Giant pandas,which are one of the endangered animals,live in the forests and live on bamboo lealves.They can just live safely in the natural protection zones.We should stop killing animal and protect them.

    the in 创新作文 小学二年级作文 描写小狗的作文 粗心的我作文
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