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    Many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction, because the environment that they are living in has changed greatly. For example, with the developmet of cities, the using of insecticide and serious pollution, their living areas have become narrowcr and narrower. Many of the wild animals, now are confronted with food crisis. At the same time, man is killing off species just for getting their fur, skin, horns, teeth and meat.

    In order to protect our resources of ecology, people should realize that the loss of any species is at least the loss of source of knowledge and a source of natural beauty. There fore, measures of the following should be taken: pollution standards are made to keepdown poisons; killing off certain rare species is prohibited; national parks should be set up as wild life, reserves.Only if we human beings take some drastic measures can wild animals be preserved.


    Animal Protection

    Animal is the friend of mankind, is an important part of the natural ecosystem. It is human precious naturalresources. Protect animals to maintain natural ecological balance has important significance.

    But now many animals are facing the danger of extinction.With the development of society, pesticide used and serious pollution, city sewage .The wild animal living area is becoming increasingly narrow. Many of the animal is facing a food crisis currently . What's more, in order to obtain wild animal of precious materials, humans are killing animals.

    In order to maintain ecological balance, we should take some effective measures to protect animals.We should develop pollution standards to reduce emission of toxic substances, prevent the killing of some rare animals strictly. We can also establish a national park as a wild animal protection area. The most important thing is to improve people 's knowledge of animal care.

    Let us join hands in creating a harmonious coexistence of human and animal beautiful homes!


    Animals Need Protecting

    Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way. Thousands of kinds of animals have disappeared from the earth forever. Hundreds more are on the danger list today. About 170 kinds in the United States alone are considered in danger.

    Why should people careBecause we need animals, and because once they are gone, there will never be any more. Animals are more than just beautiful or interesting. They are more than just a source of food. Every animal has its place in the balance of nature. Destroying one kind of animal can create many problems. For example, when

    farmers killed large numbers of hawks, the farmers' stores of corn and grain were destroyed by rats and mice. WhyBecause hawks eat rats and mice, with no hawks to keep down their numbers, the rats and mice multiplied quickly.

    Luckily, some people are working to help save the animals. Some groups raise money to let people know about the problem. And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger. Quite a few countries have passed laws. These laws forbid the killing of any animal or plant on the danger list. Slowly, the number of some animals in danger is growing.

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