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  • 我最喜欢的动物英语作文四篇


    My favourite animal篇一:

    I like dogs, because they are man’s good friends.

    They can do many helpful things to us. For example ,a guide dog can help and lead the blind people. A rescues dog can save people’s lives when they are in danger.Sometimes dogs can help their owner do some work! When we are bored, we can take them for a walk, we can play with them. Some dogs can also act to make fun for us.

    I think dogs are cute, clever, friendly and helpful. I hope we will always remain friends. Do you think so ?

    My favourite animal篇二:

    My favourite animal is the monkey. It usually lives in the forest. It is very clever. The monkey is good at climbing trees. It likes to eat fruit. Bananas are its favourite fruit. Some monkeys live in the zoo. Children love to see them. They often give some bananas to the monkeys. .Monkeys often stay in trees and jump between them. When they are happy, they will act for visitors. It’s very funny.

    My favourite animal篇三:

    Dolphin is my favourite animal.

    It is one of the most precious animals. Their bodies are very long, about one zhang(丈). Dolphins live in the sea. They live on fish, shrimps and so on.

    Dolphins are very friendly and peaceful. They never attack people. Instead, they have saved many people in danger in the past years. How helpful the dolphins are!

    Dolphins are very clever. People often train them so that they can give a dolphin show which brings people a lot of happiness and joy.

    Unluckily, the number of dolphins is getting smaller and smaller. Because of water pollution, there is less and less space for dolphins. Many people make money by hunting dolphins. If we don’t protect them, maybe we’ll lose our good friends one day. As a student, I hope more and more people should take actions to protect dolphins.

    My favourite animal篇四:

    My favourite animal is dog.

    Good dogs can catch the criminals. They can swim faster than me. The dog can run very well. And it can jump high. The dog is mankind’s best friend. They eat bones.

    But the dog can’t fly, and clinb trees. Please don’t give them peppers and onions.

    There are many cute and beautiful dogs in the world. I have two big dogs and six small cute dogs. I like them very much. Do you like dogs?

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